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Palmistry is the science originated before Christianity. It is the part of study named Samudrik Shastra which literally means the ocean of knowledge. It is a sub-section of this wide understanding and deals particularly with the study of the side and the imprints therein. It is not the foretelling, original purpose of palmistry was for individuality evaluation and counseling. The Somebody itself talks of the marks in a person’s hand in the book of Job as: “God placed signs or seals in the hands of men, that all men might know their works.,and there is always the timeless knowledge that God and nature make nothing in vain.”

The palm best shows the story of the people life in the past, existing and upcoming. The hand cannot execute a single action without the mind, and there are more nerve from the mind to the hand than to any other part of the body. The palms are the significant messaging resources of the human being from forever. Long before languages came into vogue hands action played a huge function in communications. We write with them, work with them, and touching others with our hands only.

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