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Vastu Shastra

Vaastu in Sanskrit means dwelling. Vaastu shastra is an ancient science of structures,vibrations & energy..A correct vaastu in any premises,be it residential or commercial helps to give a positive flow of energy & thus maintaining a healthy atmosphere.

The fundamental premise of Vaastu rests on the assumption that the earth is a living organism, out of which other living creatures and organic forms emerge, and so every particle on earth and space possesses 'live energy'. According to Vaastushastra five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air or atmosphere and Sky or space - govern the principles of creation. These forces act for or against each other to create harmony and disharmony. It also says that everything on earth - in some form or other - is influenced by the nine planets, and each of these planets guards a direction. So our dwellings are under the influence of the five elements and the nine planets.

Sometimes due to incorrect layout of the building,everything goes wrong.If we follow vaastu tips before construction of a building or in case of old building if proper rectification can be done,life can be changed.

Vaastu rectification includes guidelines for direction of kitchen,master bedroom,bedroom,child’s study room,puja room,diningcum drawing room,bathroom,business owner’s room,staff’s room,cash room,shape of land,etc.

A correct vaastu can act as a magic wand in your life,where as a defective layout can change your life into hell.There is a proverb “A stitch in time saves nine.”If we rectify our vaastu in time,we can avoidmany unknown evil effects in our personal life as well as in business.Take help of vaastu expert before selecting an industrial plot.Abide by the Vaastu directional guidance before placement of furnitures in your room.It is you who will decide whether to take help of a vaastu expert or not.

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